Asmé’s main goal as an artist is to help reshape the perceptions people have of themselves and each other while finding the confidence to follow their dreams.

      Asmé, born Akilah Edwards, is a 22-year-old multi-talented entertainer from the Bronx, NY. She trained as a dancer, and singer, instilling in her a flashy poise. Growing up, she looked to artists like Janet Jackson, Paramore, Aaliyah, Evanescence, and Beyoncé as inspirations for her music and artistry. After seeing how music had positively impacted and changed Asmé as a person, she was motivated to do the same for others. From her attention to detail, diligence, and work ethic, Asmé works to create an unforgettable and extraordinary experience for her audience that leaves them not only in awe but also with something substantial.

       As a songwriter, she strives to be authentic and vulnerable in her lyrics in order to heal others and build a stronger connection between herself and her listeners. Asmé’s music is a representation and reflection of her journey as an artist discovering love in her daily life. Asmé is a powerhouse performer that not only sings and dances with all her heart but is also driven to immerse her crowd in the experience. She sweats showmanship, making entertainment her main focus.